Meet Your Therapist

by admin on October 15th, 2010



Alecia S. Baker, Certified/Licensed Holistic Massage Therapist

When I was a little girl, my mother and I would visit our neighbor, Mrs. Morell. She was another grandmother in my eyes, as we would often go and visit, drink tea, and she and my mom would talk for hours. At times when visiting she would ask me if I would mind massaging her neck or back, for she was in pain quite often. I always leapt at the opportunity because I was amazed at her response, she seemed to magically feel better.

One day after I had worked on her back, she took my little hands in hers, looked directly into my eyes and said, “You have a gift, share this gift with the world.” I remember looking down at my hands and wondering what this gift was…

All through growing up I kept her voice in my head, in my heart, as I wondered how something so simple as touch could have such a profound effect on our lives.

And now, I know.

I am grateful to be a life student in this amazing field of Holistic Massage Therapy. Graduating from The Massage Institute of Natural Therapeutics in 1995, and Health Choices Holistic School of Massage in 2008, with many trainings and certifications for a total of over 1600 hours of schooling, brings competence,  compassion, and presence into each Integrative Massage session.

I believe Massage Therapy is an art form. In stillness we can hear the unheard, and in quiet we can say the unsaid. I believe the body knows how to heal, that in your session you begin to remember what you have always known.





John J. Pettit, Certified/Licensed Massage Therapist

My career took an amazing turn when I was injured on the job in federal law enforcement. The life altering pain experienced with this back injury took many years to heal and created in me a vast sense of empathy for anyone that is going through pain. I wanted to be able to help people, to help them find relief. I believe that pain can be taken away, and after graduating from a Massage Institute, I then had the tools to do it.
At the Massage Institute, the Instructors used me as the subject of their demonstrations for the class since I was in such a painful condition. This hands on interaction from many masters, altered my schooling for the better! I was then able to comprehend my studies on an experiential level as I felt the relief occur within my own injury. In my original schooling and with whatever continuing education I choose, I am always taking class and my Instructors seriously, as I am invested on a level of deep compassion for anyone suffering.
I continued in post graduate studies to specialize in six levels of Neuromuscular Therapy. This is a medical type of massage which involves balancing of muscles, and eliminating the spasms which cause nerves to be compressed and result in pain. I have also studied under Dr. Jeffery Thompson, thereby learning that with the aid of new technology and understanding of our human makeup, that it is possible to ease emotional suffering as well as physical.

My clients include medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors, and many people who have thought ‘I’m just going to live with the pain.’
No one should have to live in pain.
If you have given up, and cannot find relief anywhere else, don’t despair, remember my mantra: STOP PAIN NOW!

Also, remember to wear or bring loose and flexible clothing, as all of the modalities he specializes in are received fully clothed!

Thank you.