What Clients Are Saying

by admin on October 26th, 2010


– I came to Alecia with terrible pain in my neck from a sports injury. but also with pain in my heart from holding onto things that needed to be let go. Together, through presence I’ve learned how to bring unity to my mind and body, and by doing that, I’ve learned that the most powerful force for healing is already inside of me, just waiting to be listened to. Now I have a confidence about my ability to heal myself I’ve never had before, and it is an amazing gift. -Brian M. of Bucks County PA John A. writes:


“I was amazed that pressure points in my feet could make the rest of my body feel so relaxed.  It was really surprising to me that I felt the benefits shortly after Cynthia worked on me.  She has a nice firm touch, (it wasn’t uncomfortable or ticklish). The pressure was just right, and I will have reflexology with her again in the future!  I will refer other people to her.  I can tell she really cares about what she does and the people she helps.”


-When I started my sessions with Alecia, I was unaccustomed to the intricate practice of therapeutic massage. Happily, I chose to trust her applied knowledge and genuine spirit on my path to a renewed body and mind. As my experiences with Alecia continued, I gained a greater sense of being and my ailments diminished significantly. Through several months of sessins, I attribute my growth and overall positivity to her endearing character and impeccable work ethic. Alecia is kind, open-minded and hopeful for her clients’ needs. I’m so honored to have her as my therapist, and even more thankful to call her a friend. I most certainly recommend her to anyone! – Steph, Langhorne, PA



-I have been the beneficiary of Alecia’s technique for at least two years now, and she has provided an unparalelled experience.   First and foremost, Alecia has approached my needs with the honor, care and dignity each person deserves.  As a true healer, her main goal has been to understand what I needed, and she has met those needs with the most gentle and effective care.  Her sessions have aided all aspects of my health — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and Alecia’s welcoming and joyful spirit have lent comfort and compassion to each session.  Most outstanding has been her gratitude and appreciation for being able to help me.

Not only has her expansive knowledge, experience and interdisciplinary technique given her the ability to address a variety of issues, but also her intuition is invaluable.  While Alecia has employed conventional talking methods to determine what I have needed during a session, she, respectful of boundaries, has also used her finely tuned intuition to heal things I hadn’t voiced.  I can’t express how many times Alecia’s work has addressed pains and issues that I forgot to mention to her.

Alecia’s work has caused me to realize that massage and bodywork are not just treats.  They are an integral part of self-care.  Do yourself a favor, and book a session with Alecia.  Your mind, body and soul with thank you a million times. – Ranessa P. of N.J.

-You have been such an important part of my life since working on me more than 2 years ago!  After my massages with you I feel physically, spiritually and emotionally lifted!!  It is so evident that you love what you do and it come through in your hands and in your heart!  I will miss you at your old location but you will most definitely be seeing me in Yardley!  I wish you so much love and success!!!- Dina A. of NJ

-Working with Alecia has increased my capacity for deep relaxation. I have type II diabetes and stress management is critical to my physical and emotional well being. Adding Polarity energy massage to my exercise, meditation, yoga and healthy eating self care plan has been rejuvenating. – Pat W. of NJ

I am a regular client with John Pettit, he has helped me with severe pain of herniated and bulging discs, that most doctors said would not go away. His therapy is like a mixture of massage therapist, chiropractor, and physical therapist all mixed into to one! I highly recommend Therapy in Presence, especially if you suffer from severe pain or injury. -Carlos of PA