Vibroacoustic Music Therapy

by admin on October 9th, 2010

Right here in Bucks County, PA, you can now experience the prolific and astounding work of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. Dr. Thompson, as a Pioneer in using sound in a scientific manner, continues to lead the way in using sound to change and enhance brainwave states for healing and personal growth and wellness. He is the Founder/Director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research, the Scientific Sound Healing Frontier in Encinitas, California.

Please read his article on The Clinical Use of Sound:

Sound has the ability to touch our hearts, resonate our bodies and enhance and strengthen our brains. Dr. Thompson’s Vibro-Acoustic-Light Programs have been and are well received in the Health and Wellness field. Clinics, hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, Wellness Spas, MDs, Chiropractors, Psychotherapists, Body-workers, and Nurses use and benefit from his work.

Dr. Thompson has created special Protocols for us. He uses phase modulation, surreal 3-D sounds and Primordial Sounds, to mention a few aspects of his proprietary technology, to create mind/body harmonious audio programs. His work is used to enhance your natural ability to move into different brainwave states and to enable the left and right hemispheres of your brain to synchronize, which is a state of balance and wellness.

In our society, where we are constantly bombarded by sound waves that keep our nervous system in a continual state of stress, being able to deeply relax is highly beneficial and a necessity for many. For example, a television sends out a wave of 60Hz. If we sleep with the T.V. on, our brains are constantly being pulled to that frequency which hampers our natural healing rhythm. We may not be able to get into the deep sleep of Delta, where our bodies physically repair. What happens night after night if we never let our bodies repair? Right! We begin to have physical stress, fatigue and other problems. The studies on lack of quality sleep have already proven the detrimental effects that reach into every area of our lives.

Through Dr. Thompson’s programs, your mind and body are gently brought into a state of harmony and homeostasis. Beginning with the 6 sessions of prescriptive protocols, Heal and Repair, you will essentially be going to an Inner Gym for your brain, educating and training your nervous system to use your Delta Brainwaves to awaken your own Inner Physician, your own Inner Power.

What you will experience?

As you settle onto the Dr Thompson Sound Journey™ Table, you will experience Dr. Thompson’s special SonicWave™ followed by beautiful music. You will easily and quickly relax and experience your whole body resonating with the relaxing and healing sounds. Your experience will be uniquely yours and one not easily forgotten. You will feel what you are hearing and if we use the Light Glasses, you will also see what you are feeling as you hear what you are seeing. It is a WOW! experience!

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You ‘melt’ into the sound and your experience will be, well, we will let you describe it, for each will be uniquely your very own. We will say, however, that each session in the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Journey Chair or on the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Journey Table, coupled with one of Dr. Thompson’s Audio Programs, quality Headphones and his vibration-driven Light Glasses will be an experience not easily forgotten.   It is truly awesome and so beneficial on all levels.  Dr. Thompson’s motto and that of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research will ring true again and again for you –

Healing the Body * Mind * Heart and Spirit with Sound ‘ “

In each session, you will experience a Prescriptive Protocol, which is based on “scientific monitoring and clinical research spanning many years and thousands of patients and volunteers” from the Center itself. Dr. Thompson’s work is all clinically proven and is safe for all ages.

The Prescriptive protocols available are:

Series I – Heal and Repair

Series II – DeStress and Relax

Series III – Peak Performance

Series IV – Inner Journey

Within each series there are six 30 minute sessions. They are arranged to be experienced in succession over a six week program.


We are now excited to announce that there are 1 hour Prescriptive Protocols available!