Vibroacoustic Therapy

by admin on December 27th, 2011

Introducing the work of the Founding Father of Vibroacoustic Therapy:



Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) uses low range frequencies in the range of 30Hz – 120Hz. This frequency is converted to vibration through transducers, transmitted to the body systems (nervous, muscular-skeletal, and blood) and experienced as an “inner body massage.” Through 30 years of applied research Norwegian born Educator, Musician and Therapist has documented the connection between low frequency vibrations and the positive effect of:

Recing/Eliminating Pain, Stress & Insomnia

Boosts Vitality & Life Quality

Assists Cell Metabolism Process


As you lay on the table, a gentle undulating wave of vibration carries you into a deep state of relaxation, VAT imitates the intrauterine vibrations felt during the 9 months in the womb, a time of vital growth and cellular creation. “You are wrapped in loving care” says Olav, as you experience this whole body journey. Where your body and mind unite in a space of tranquil healing.



Seven Base Frequencies



Red – 40Hz 

Orange – 50Hz

Yellow – 52Hz

Brown – 60Hz

Green – 68Hz

Violet – 80Hz

Blue – 86Hz




Your therapist will discuss with you which frequency would best suit your needs at the time of your session.



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